Why build this website?

Why did I start this website?

7/18/20232 min read


Why did I build this website?

Well, I got tired of explaining my interests and abilities every time I meet someone or have to hint for unrelated side of me hoping to let the others know that I can do somethings other than the topic that we are talking about.

You do this for a long time, and you get tired of the old "Oh! really? Why didn't you tell me that you can do this too??!! We could have done this and that". I want to see the next level or step, what if I told you? what if you knew? would you do things differently?

Doing this right may open opportunities for others and me to help and/or understand each other and each other's abilities and potentials.

I also want to try to ease the pressure of social media and its problems. You have to publish on multiple sites in different dimensions (for example: Instagram requires some dimensions that affect the composition, so end up having a different pic for it), wait for "Likes", and those affect others thinking of giving you likes, then you get affected by the amount of likes...

Also, I wanted to have a single place that is like a progress tracker for me and my skill development without losing focus to unnecessary matters. I am an architect. I specialize in architectural design not in rendering. In my career, I have been going towards conceptual design and idea generation. I don't pay a lot of attention to the renderings as I learned that real life projects would rarely be like them. So, I chose to take the path of design skill development not rendering and presentation. I had employees who did that. In this website, I will show things according to my own preference and abilities in the fields I choose. That's why I had to put things on one website, not on a platform like, for example, Behance. There, there will always be comparisons between various points that are not even in focus. Who cares if the shading of the leaves of a tree is too realistic, while ignoring the design concept? Yes, there is a visual benefit of good renders, but since I am illustrating design, then design should be in focus.

So, join me on this ride. Let's see how this will go. Will write and update frequently? I don't know. But one thing I know now for sure: I still have a long way to go to make this website usable. I don't want it to stay this messy 😆