Other Design Works

Low-Poly Parrot

This was done manually without filters or automated plug-ins.

Low-Poly Self-Portrait

This was done manually without filters or automated plug-ins.

Clock Design

I was asked by a clock factory to help design and develop new line of clocks for them. We came up with 3 lines with different variations.

Vision, Dots and Cosmos.

Playful Shades of Spring (Competition for a Temporary Installation on a Frozen River)

Every year, we start to notice some colorful flowers starting to emerge and bloom through the snowy ground, giving us hope and cheerful leads to a playful spring. What if we amplified this view? What if we reflected these pictures thousands of times? These beautiful colorful shades in that cold snow-white environment. What if we can reflect and amplify those spring hopes and colorful shades that we share? We try to achieve that in a cube that is covered with thousands of small mirrors (25600 to be exact) that are put in random angles. There are colorful pillars surrounding the cube creating a path around the cube and more importantly a source of color for the random reflections on the cube mirrors. The visitors would approach the cube or walk around it and experience the colorful change of reflections with every move they make or step they take. The reflections also include their own clothing and body, which makes it a more personal experience that varies from a visitor to the other.