Glamorous Mesh Boutique

The Concept of this women apparel shop, located in Guangzhou, is to create a complex 3-dimensional space where the shoppers will have an exciting experience prompting them to comeback for more. The retail spaces are not only about displaying a product only, but it is also about how it is displayed and how this can be a unique space and a source of prime products. As spaces should be worthy of their inhabitants.

Landscape redesign of Huizhou Science Museum's Square (seating furniture addition)

The current design open square leading to the main entrance of the museum lacks organized seating areas, despite the fact it is being used as a meeting point in the last few years. Below is a proposal that was made to help address this issue in a simple unprovocative way.

Office Building in Kuala Lumpur

The Client wanted a simple and sleek building, but with passive approach to ventilation. The design incorporate vegetation in the facade in a 2-layer envelop that can allow the air to move from the outside and cool with the vegetation, going through the interior towards a chimney-like well space on the backside of the building.

GuTang Safety Learning Center

The task was to design an open deep plan space to be used for exhibitions organized by Huizhou University and local authorities for children. So to focus more on the inside of the space, we thought of a light sleek simple skin that allows light in while giving diverse view feeling from the inside out. Due to irregular site shape, the plan is an open space with ramps and vertical movement elements wrapped in a pattern of transparent and filled elements.

Landscape Design for a site in Huizhou University

This was an unofficial entry to a landscape design competition to improve a site in Huizhou University. The site is an unshaded path connecting 2 main buildings through green gardens between them. Due to the lack of shading, students tend to skip the pedestrian path and walk on tree-shaded streets around the gardens. The design bellow is an aesthetically pleasing solution that can be treated as an attraction as well.